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  • Erik speaks about:
    • Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing our Digital Future
    • The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies
    • Big Data and Data Driven Decision Making
    • Competing in the Age of Omnichannel Retailing
    • Using IT to Drive Innovation
    • Productivity and Employment in the Digital Economy
    • Internet Commerce and Competition: The Long Tail
  • Recent speaking engagements include:
    • TED, The key to growth? Race with the machines (Long Beach, CA - February 2013), Keynote
    • Gartner 2014 Symposium/ITxpo (Orlando, FL - October 2014), Keynote
    • MarTech 2014: The Marketing Technology Conference (Boston, MA - August 2014), Keynote
    • JP Morgan (New York, NY - June 2014), Keynote
    • SAP (Orlando, FL - June 2014), Keynote and panelist
    • National Science Foundation (Arlington, CA - May 2014), Keynote
    • De Tijd & L'Echo New Insights in Business and Finance, Are you ready for the Second Machine Age? (Brussels, Belgium - May 2014), Keynote
    • Goldman Sachs (New York City - March 2014), Keynote
    • Prudential (Phoenix, AZ and Palm Springs, CA - February 2014), Keynote
    • Council on Foreign Relations, The Road Ahead for Autonomous Vehicles (New York City - February 2014), Panelist
    • World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (Davos, Switzerland - January 2013, 2014), Panelist, Contributor
    • Gartner (Chicago, IL - June 2012), Keynote

      "An electrifying keynote [at Gartner Symposium] by MIT Sloan professor and author Erik Brynjolfsson. Brynjolfsson had a huge audience in the palm of his hand as he described what he termed the 'second machine age'."

      Jim Love, Gartner symposium asks the big questions about world's technological future, IT Business, October 6, 2014

      "Thank you so much for coming to MarTech to tell the story of The Second Machine Age. You delivered an electrifying presentation. The feedback I've heard from attendees has been nothing short of 'that was amazing!'"

      Scott Brinker, Program Chair, MarTech 2014

      "Your presentation on "Automation's Impact on the Knowledge Worker" was exactly what we needed to launch the discussion. It was powerful, insightful, and was thought provoking for all in the room. We have had nothing but positive feedback."

      Frank Casale, CEO, The Outsourcing Institute

      "Insightful and empirical information about the impact of digital technology on business. Entertainingly and convincingly presented. Erik is generous with his time and his expertise, and presents with authority and humor."

      Neil Jacobsohn, FutureWorld

      "Very engaging topic that fit well with our retail model and desire to innovate. Not too cerebral for the mixed audience. Kept everyone entertained. Thought provoking. A lot of good post presentation feedback."

      Kelly Abney, Walmart




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