Erik Brynjolfsson


Erik teaches two courses at the MIT Sloan School:

  • 15.567 - The Economics of Information  (H1, Fall 2016)

    Fall 2016 TAs: Aaron Kelley <> and Ronald Marconet <>


  • 15.572 - Analytics Lab (A-Lab)   (Fall 2016)

    Fall 2016 TA: Oz Moshe Rabinovitch <>

    Instructors: Sinan Aral, Erik Brynjolfsson

    Course Coordinator: Susan Young <syoung@mit edu>

    The growing use of “big data” and analytics is creating opportunities for strategic business change and innovation and also strong demand for skills and experience applying machine learning and related techniques to business problems.

    In this seminar student teams design and deliver a project on the use of analytics, machine learning, large data sets and/or other digital innovations to create or transform a business, organization, process or decision-making practice.

    The seminar is open by permission to MBA and Executive MBA students, and to students in other MIT graduate programs. Interested students are asked to complete a questionnaire and submit it with their resume for consideration.They will be notified well in advance of the final course registration deadline for the fall semester.

    A set of organizations, including sponsors of the MIT Center for Digital Business and Initiative on the Digital Economy will be offering projects for teams to work on.Industries covered include high tech consumer services and distribution, healthcare, and financial services, among others.Students may also propose their own ideas and sites.

    The course culminates with presentations of final project results to an audience including experts, entrepreneurs and executives.

    Class meeting: Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm in September and October, plus workshops from 3-6pm, September 11 and 12:00--6:30pm, December 12

    How to Apply:

    The application for Fall 2016 A-Lab is now closed.

    Selective admission

    • Sloan MBA's, EMBA's, and other MIT graduate students
    • Applicants complete a questionnaire, available in May.
    • Notifications of admission decision are sent by mid-May.
    • No bidding for 15.572 is necessary.

    For questions, please contact Susan Young <susany>

  • Teaching-oriented web sites:

    • The Matrix of Change, a techique for managing business process change and managing interdependencies, with accompanying software.
    • Personalization issues on the Internet, two case studies (Firefly Networks and Broadvision, Inc) and accompanying technology notes (Collaborative Filtering, and Rule-based Systems), with video clips and links to related materials.  Also available from Harvard Business School publishing.

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