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2004 PRESS
Financial Times "After decades of debate, studies have started to show how IT spending can dig out hidden productivity ...", December 2003

CMO Magazine "A Matter of Trust" April, 2005

TechWeb "MIT Biz School: Brands Beat Prices Online", December 2004

Network World Magazine ""Hallmarks of the Digital Organization", November, 2004

Secure Computing Magazine "Nearly Human, November, 2004

Electronic and Supply Chain Magazine "Cisco Extends Sponsorship of MIT Research", November, 2004

Optimize Magazine "Nearly Human, October, 2004

Optimize Magazine "Power Brokers, October, 2004

Inside 1 to 1 Magazine "Intel Measures Trust to Grow Business, October 11, 2004

Mass High Tech "MIT Sloan Project Examines Role of Trust, October 4, 2004

Internet Retailer "Hidden Buying Motivator: Trust", October, 2004

Internet News "Improving Web Trust", September, 2004

InformationWeek "IT Gets Credit and Blame in Productivity Numbers", September, 2004

CIO Magazine "The Struggle to Define Agility", August, 2004

Fast Company "Found Money?", August 2004 "Web services, Linux, RFID should be on your radar", June 2004

Optimize "Agility Plus", June 2004

eWeek "MIT's CIO Summit looks at ways to improve tech spending", May 2004

Network World "Users form enterprise architecture group", May 2004

Network World "CIOs' thoughts about evaluating techs, agility", May 2004

Network World "Focus on processes, not the technology", May 2004

ComputerWorld "Measuring IT's impact on productivity", May 2004

InformationWeek "RFID Could Be Boon To Small Businesses", May 2004

Wall Street Journal "Adventures in Cost Cutting", May 2004

Optimize "Q & A: Managing Information Overload", May 2004

The New York Times "Economic Scene: What is so great about Internet commerce?", April 2004

MIT Sloan School Press Release "MIT Sloan School of Management announces CIO Symposium "Enabling the Agile Enterprise", April 2004

NPR's Morning Edition "Study: Pricing Less Competitive Online", April 2004 "Amazon Finally Clicks", March 2004

The Boston Globe "MIT professor sees far-flung future workplace", March 2004

The New York Times "Technology and Worker Efficiency", February 2004

Business 2.0 "Tech answers no prayers", February 2004

ComputerWorld "IT Productivity Debate: The Forest vs. the Trees", January 2004

ComputerWorld "IT Productivity: The Lag Effect", January 2004

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