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2008 PRESS
USA Today  

"Automakers say if they go, millions of jobs will vanish", November 17, 2008

The Financial Times

  "How to sharpen banks' corporate governance", November 17, 2008   "You are where you live", November 21, 2008

The Financial Times   "Boards should consider who really runs UK pic", November 27, 2008

Bloomberg   "Economists Urge Congress Not to Rush to Rescue", September 26, 2008

Plant Engineering   "Optimizing maintenance and reliability makes it part of the business plan" September 15, 2008

CIO Magazine   "Five Ways IT Can Avoid a Privacy Lawsuit", July 8, 2008   "'Why BPM cannot be Ignored", June, 2008

The New York Times   "Microsoft seeks path beyond Gates's legacy", June 27, 2008

The Economist   "After Bill", June 26, 2008

Reuters   "Gates leaves Microsoft to focus on philanthropy", June 26, 2008

Seattle Post Intelligencer   "No Bull Bill", June 24, 2008   "Bill Gates steps down, but not out of public eye", June 23, 2008

"Conversion rates, eat your hearts out", April 20, 2008

CIO Magazine

"Oracle's merger and acquisition strategy gets some respect", April, 2008

The Conference Board Review®

"The Future of Advice: New rules for giving and getting" April, 2008

Sloan Management Review

"The key dimensions to understanding media" April, 2008

CIO Insight

"CIOs meet your new boss " April, 2008

Sloan Management Review

"How to tap IT's hidden potential" March, 2008

NY Times.Com

"Facebook is extending it's network to blood donations", March, 2008


"Pricey Pills Work Better Even When They're Fake" March, 2008

NY Times.Com

"Try the shapes experiment" March, 2008

Huffington Post

"Obama and online dating " March, 2008

Marketplace - Public Radio

"Predictably Irrational " March 28, 2008

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