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Digital Productivity SIG

Head: Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT Sloan School, Information Technology Group

Associated Faculty
Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT Sloan School of Management, Center for Digital Business
Dr. Andrew McAfee, MIT Sloan School, Center for Digital Business
Prof. Geoffrey Parker, MIT Sloan School and Tulane University
Prof. Marshall Van Alstyne, MIT Sloan School and Boston University School of Management
Dr. George Westerman, MIT Sloan School, Center for Digital Business

The projects in this Group are focused on understanding how business processes,
organizational structures and corporate culture can be reshaped using information and
communication technologies to measurably increase business performance. Faculty have expertise in
economics, computer science, information systems, organizational studies, strategy, accounting,
finance, and coordination science. BT, Bank of America, Capgemini Consulting, Cisco, Cognizant,
CSK, France Telecom, Intel, Liberty Mutual, McKinsey, PWC, SAP, and Thomson Reuters have provided
financial support for this research. In addition, over a million dollars in funding has been
provided by the National Science Foundation.

Ongoing projects include:
• Transforming Business Through Technology
• Knowledge Management, Productivity and Two-Sided Markets
• Technology and Productivity
• Trends in Technology, Work and Leadership Development in the CIME Sector
• The Future of Prediction
• Platform Driven Innovation
• Platform Knowledge Management to Promote Innovation
• Deriving Competitive Advantage from IT
• Measuring the Value of Intangible Assets
• The Impact of Real-Time Analytic Technologies and Data-Driven Work Practices
• The Business Implications of Enterprise 2.0
• Predicting the Trajectory of Academic Papers and Researchers
• Optimal Pricing and Aggregation of Digital Information
• Data-Driven Decision Making
• Nano-Data Analytics
• Experimentation and Crowd Sourcing

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