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Akiyama, Dr. Masanori, Daniel Goldsmith, Dr. Michael Siegel: "Improving Hospital Operations Using Bar-Code Capture Data and System Dynamics Modeling Techniques", Working Paper #230, 2007

Anderson, Edward G, Geoffrey Parker: "Integration and Cospecialization of Emerging Complementary Technologies by Startups", 2012

Anderson, Eric, Erik Brynjolfsson, Yu "Jeffrey" Hu, Duncan Simester: Understanding the Impact of Marketing Actions in Traditional Channels on the Internet: Evidence from a Large Scale Field Experiment, Working Paper #216, 2004

Anderson, C. Phillip: "Jackpot or Fool's Gold: Services as a Dynamic Capabiity in Product Innovataion", Working Paper #245, 2008

Aral, Sinan, Erik Brynjolsffson, Marshall Van Alstyne: " Antecedents and Consequences of Mutual Knowledge in Teams ", Working Paper #289, Nov. 14, 2010

Ariely, Dan and Jose Silva: Payment Method Design: Psychological and Economic Aspects of Payments, Working Paper #196, 2002

Ariely, Dan: Wine Online: Search Costs and Competition on Price, Quality, and Distribution, Working Paper #117, 2000

Bakos, Yanni and Chris Dellarocas: Cooperation Without Enforcement? A Comparative Analysis of Litigation and Online Reputation As Quality Assurance Mechanisms, Working Paper #174, 2003

Bernstein, Abraham, Foster Provost and Shawndra Hill: Intelligent Assistance for the Data Mining Process:An Ontology-based Approach, Working Paper #151, 2002

Bernstein, Abraham and Benjamin N. Grosof: Beyond Monotonic Inheritance:Towards Semantic Web Process Ontologies, Working Paper #190, 2003

Bertino, E., B. Carminati, E. Ferrari, B. Thuraisingham and A. Gupta: Selective and Authentic Third-Party Distribution Of XML Documents, Working paper #187, 2002

Bertsimas, Dimitris and Adam J. Mersereau: Dynamic Prediction of Online Purchases, Working paper #171, 2002

Bertsimas, Dimitris, Georgia Perakis and Jeffrey Hawkins: Optimal Bidding in Online Auctions, Working Paper #153, 2001

Bertsimas, Dimitris, Adam Mersereau and Geetanjali Mittal: Unilever Data Analysis Project, Working Paper #179, 2003

Bhansali, Sumit, Erik Brynjolfsson: "Digitizing Work: Measuring Changes in Information Worker Time Use and Performance With a Quazi-Experiment", Working Paper #235, 2008

Biel, Damian R., and Lawrence Wein: An Inverse-Optimization-Based Auction Mechanism To Support a Multi-Attribute RFQ Process, Working Paper #143, 2001

Bitran, Gabriel R., Suri Gurumurthi, Shiou Lin Sam: "Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Governance", Working Paper #227, 2006

Bloom, Nicholas, Erik Brynjolfsson, Lucia Foster, Ron Jarmin, Itay Saporta-Eksten, John Van Reenen: "Management In America", 2013

Bresnahan, Timothy F., Erik Brynjolfsson and Lorin Hitt: Information Technology, Workplace Organization, and the Demand for Skilled Labor: Firm-level Evidence, Working Paper #155, 2000

Brynjolfsson, Erik, Astrid Andrea Dick and Michael D. Smith: Search and Product Differentiation at an Internet Shopbot, Working Paper #194, 2003

Brynjolfsson, Erik, Michael D. Smith and Yu Hu: Consumer Surplus in the Digital Economy: Estimating the Value of Increased Product Variety at Online Booksellers, Working Paper #176, 2003

Brynjolfsson, Erik, Lorin M. Hitt, and Shinkyu Yang: Intangible Assets: Computers and Organizational Capital, Working Paper #138, 2002

Brynjolfsson, Erik, and Lorin M. Hitt: Computing Productivity: Firm-Level Evidence, Working Paper #139, 2003

Brynjolfsson, Erik, Sinan Aral, Marshall Van Alstyne: "Productivity Effects of Information Diffusion in Networks", Working Paper #234, 2007

Bulkley, Nathaniel and Marshall Van Alstyne: Why Information Should Influence Productivity, Working Paper #202, 2004

Chan, Thomas, Blake LeBaron, Andrew Lo, Tomaso Poggio: Agent-Based Models of Financial Markets: A Comparison with Experimental Markets, Working Paper #124, 1999

Chan, Nicholas T., Ely Dahan, Andrew W. Lo, and Tomaso Poggio: Experimental Markets for Product Concepts, Working Paper #149, 2001

Chan, Nicholas, Ely Dahan, Adlar Kim, Andrew Lo and Tomaso Poggio: Securities Trading of Concepts (STOC), Working Paper #172, 2002

Chan, Lap Mui Ann, David Simchi-Levi and Julie Swann: Effective Dynamic Pricing Strategies with Stochastic Demand, Working Paper #158, 2001

Chen, Xin and David Simchi-Levi: Coordinating Inventory Control and Pricing Strategies with Random Demand and Fixed Ordering Cost:The Finite Horizon Case, Working Paper #157, 2002

Choucri, Nazli, Stuart E. Madnick, Allen Moulton, Michael D. Siegel, and Hongwei Zhu: Information Integration for Counter Terrorism Activities: The Requirement for Context Mediation, Working Paper #200, 2003

Choucri, Nazli, Vincent Maugis, Stuart Madnick and Michael Siegel: GLOBAL e-READINESS - for WHAT?, Working Paper #177, 2003

Choucri, Nazli, Stuart E. Madnick, Allen Moulton, Michael D. Siegel, Hongwei Zhu: Linkage Between Pre- and Post- Conflict: Exploiting Information Integration & System Dynamics, Working Paper #215, 2004

Compaine, Ben: Re-Examining the Digital Divide, Working Paper #130, 2001

Compaine, Ben: Internet Radio: A New Engine for Content Diversity?, Working Paper #131, 2001

Cukor, Petre and Lee McKnight: Knowledge Networks, the Internet, and Development, Working Paper #120, 2001

Cukor, Petre and Lee McKnight: Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained: Venture Capital, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets, Working Paper #119, 2001

Cusumano, Michael: Technology Strategy and Management—The Evolution of Platform Thinking, Working Paper #272, January 2010

Cusumano, Michael: Cloud Computing and SaaS as New Computing Platforms, Working Paper #273, April 2010

Cusumano, Michael: Business Models That Last: Balancing Products and Services in Software and Other Industries, Working Paper #197, 2003

Cusumano, Michael and Annabelle Gawer: Driving High-Tech Innovation: The Four Levers of Platform Leadership, Working Paper #152, 2001

Cusumano, Michael, Alan MacCormack, Chris F. Kemerer, and William Crandall: Software Development Worldwide: The State of the Practice, Working Paper #178, 2003

Cusumano, Michael, Steve Kahl, Fernando F. Suarez: "Product, Process, and Service: A New Industry Lifecycle Model", Working Paper #228, 2006

Cusumano, Michael: "The Changing Software Business: From Products to Services and Other New Business Models", Working Paper #236, 2008

Cusumano, Michael, Steve Kahl, Fernando Suarez: "A Theory of Services in Project Industries", Working Paper #242, 2008

Cusumano, Michael, Steve Kahl, Fernando Suarez: "Services and the Business Models of Product Firms: An Emperical Analysis of the Software Industry", Working Paper#243, 2008

Cusumano, Michael, Fernando Suarez: "The Role of Services in Platform Markets", Working Paper #244, 2008

Cusumano, Michael, Greg Page, Esha Sahai, Alejandro Zarate: "MOOCs: Contexts and Consequences ", 2013

Dahan, Ely. Hauser, John R., Simester, Duncan and Oliver Toubia: Application and Test of Web-based Adaptive Polyhedral Conjoint Analysis, Working Paper #146, 2002

Dahan, Ely and V. Srinivasan: The Predictive Power of Internet-Based Product Concept Testing Using Visual Depiction and Animation, Working Paper #118, 2000

Dahan, Ely and John R. Hauser: Managing a Dispersed Product Development Process, Working Paper #103, 2000

Dahan, Ely and John R. Hauser: The Virtual Customer:
Communication, Conceptualization, and Computation
, Working Paper #104, 2001

de Figueiredo, John M.: Committee Jurisdiction and Internet Intellectual Property Protection, Working Paper #150, 2002

de Figueiredo, John M.: Finding Sustainable Profitability in the E-commerce Continuum, Working Paper #129, 2000

Dellarocas, Chris: Efficiency and Robustness of eBay-like Online Feedback Mechanisms in Environments with Moral Hazard, Working Paper #170, 2003

Dellarocas, Chris: The Digitization of Word-of-Mouth: Promise and Challenges of Online Feedback Mechanisms, Working Paper #173, 2003

Dellarocas, Chrysanthos: Building Trust On-Line: The Design of Reliable Reputation Reporting Mechanisms for Online Trading Communities, Working Paper #101, 2001

Dellarocas, Chrysanthos: Analyzing the Economic Efficiency of eBay-like Online Reputation Reporting Mechanisms, Working Paper #102, 2001

Dellarocas, Chrysanthos, Ming Fan, Charles A. Wood: Self-Interest, Reciprocity, and Participation in Online Reputation Systems, Working Paper #205, 2004

Dellarocas, Chrysanthos: Strategic Manipulation of Internet Opinion Forums: Implications for Consumers and Firms, Working Paper #206, 2004

Dellarocas, Chrysanthos: Sanctioning Reputation Mechanisms in Online Trading Environments with Moral Hazard, Working Paper #207, 2004

D'Urso, Victoria T.: Home Buyer Search Duration and the Internet, Working Paper #168, 2002

Dussart, Christian: Transformative Power of e-Business Over Consumer Brands (5.30 MB), Working Paper #145, 2001

Faratin, P., J. Wroclawski, G. Lee, and S. Parsons: The Personal Router: An Agent for Wireless Access, Working Paper #163, 2002

Fine, Charlie, Natalie Klym, Milind Tavshikar, and Dirk Trossen: "The Evolution of RFID Networks", Working Paper #224, 2006

Firat, Aykut, Stuart Madnick and Benjamin Grosof: Financial Information Integration In the Presence of Equational Ontological Conflicts, Working Paper #169, 2002

Firat, Aykut, Stuart Madnick and Benjamin N. Grosof: Knowledge Integration to Overcome Ontological Heterogeneity: Challenges from Financial Information Systems, Working Paper #191, 2002

Firat, Aykut, Stuart E. Madnick, Benjamin Grosof: Contextual Alignment of Ontologgies for Semantic Interoperability, Working Paper #214, 2004

Franke, Nikolaus and Eric von Hippel: Finding Commercially Attractive User Innovations: An Exploration and Test of "Lead User" Theory, Working Paper #183, 2003

Gabel, David: Why is There So Little Competition in the Provision of Local Telecommunications Services?, Working Paper #160, 2002

Gallien, Jérémie : Dynamic Mechanism Design for Online Commerce, Working Paper #165, 2002

Gallien, Jérémie and L.M. Wein: Design and Analysis of a Smart Market for Industrial Procurement, Working Paper #122, 2000

Gillett, Sharon Eisner, William Lehr, John Wroclawski, and David Clark: A Taxonomy of Internet Appliances, Working Paper #112, 2000

Gimpel, Gregory, George Westerman: Shaping the Future: Seven Enduring Principles for Fast-changing Industries, Working Paper #299, 2012

Gimpel, Gregory: Five Pressing Issues Shaping the Future of TV Video, 2013

Grosof, Benjamin N. and Terrence C. Poon: SweetDeal: Representing Agent Contracts with Exceptions using XML Rules, Ontologies, and Process Descriptions, Working Paper #186, 2003

Grosof, Benjamin N.: A Declarative Approach to Business Rules in Contracts: Courteous Logic Programs in XML, Working Paper #113, 1999

Grosof, Benjamin N.: Delegation Logic: A Logic-based Approach to Distributed Authorization, Working Paper #115, 2003

Grosof, Benjamin N, Daniel M. Reeves, Michael P. Wellman: Automated Negotiation from Declarative Contract Descriptions, Working Paper #114, 2002

Grosof, Benjamin N, Isabelle Rouvellou, Lou Degenaro, Hoi Chan, Kevin Rasmus, Dave Ehnebuske, and Barbara McKee: Combining Different Business Rules Technologies:A Rationalization, Working Paper #116, 2000

Grosof, Benjamin N., Ian Horrocks, Raphael Volz and
Stefan Decker: Description Logic Programs: Combining Logic Programs with Description Logic, Working Paper #192, 2003

Grosof, Benjamin N., Mahesh D. Gandhe and Timothy W. Finin: SweetJess: Translating DamlRuleML To Jess, Working Paper #193, 2002

Gupta, Amar, Satwik Seshasai: Toward 24-Hour Knowledge Factory, Working Paper #203, 2004

Gupta, Amar, Satwick Seshasai: Global Outsourcing of Professional Services, Working Paper #204, 2004

Hauser, John, Guilherme Liberali, Glen L. Urban: "Competitive Information, Trust, Brand Consideration and Sales: Two Field Experiments", 2012

Hauser, John, Min Ding, Songting Dong, Daria Dzyabura, Zhilin Yang, Chenting Su, Steven Gaskin: Unstructured Direct Elicitation of Decision Rules, Working Paper #266, Forthcoming Journal of Marketing Research, 2010

Hausman, Jerry, YuHu, Jeffrey, Zhang Xinzhu: Economic Analysis of Wireless Point of Sale Payment in China, Working Paper #212, 2003

Hunter, Starling: Have Business Method Patents Gotten a Bum Rap?Some Empirical Evidence, Working Paper #182, 2003

Jenter, Dirk, Nittai K. Bergman: "Employee Sentiment and Stock Option Compensation", Working Paper # 229, 2006

Klein, Mark and Abraham Bernstein: Improved Process Retrieval Using Process Ontologies, Working Paper #147, 2002

Klein, Mark, Chrysanthos Dellarocas and Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar: A Knowledge-Based Methodology for Designing Robust Electronic Markets, Working Paper #126, 2001

Klein, Mark, Peyman Faratin, Hiroki Sayama, and Yaneer Bar-Yam : Negotiating Complex Contracts, Working Paper #125, 2001

Klein, Mark and Yaneer Bar-Yam: Handling Resource Use Oscillation in Multi-Agent Markets, Working Paper #181, 2003

Klein, Mark and Claudio Petti: A Handbook_Based Methodology for Redesigning Business Processes, Working Paper #221, 2006

Klein, Mark, Takayuki Ito, Hiromitsu Hattori: "An Auction-Based Negotiation Protocol for Agents with Nonlinear Utility Fuctions", Working Paper #226, 2006

Kothari, SP and Jim Short: The Effect of Disclosures by Management, Analysts, and Financial Press On the Equity Cost of Capital, Working Paper #195, 2003

Kumar, Mahesh, Nitin R. Patel and Jonathan Woo: Clustering Seasonality Patterns in the Presence of Errors, Working Paper #155, 2002

Laubacher, Robert, S.P. Kothari, Thomas W. Malone, Brian Subirana: What is RFID Worth to Your Company? Measuring Performance at an Activity Level, Working Paper #223, 2006

Lehr, William and Lee W. McKnight: Wireless Internet Access: 3G vs. WiFi?, Working Paper #166, 2002

Lehr, William, Fuencisla Merino and Sharon Eisner Gillett: Software Radio: Implications for Wireless Services, Industry Structure, and Public Policy, Working Paper #167, 2002

Lehr, William and Lee McKnight: A Broadband Access Market Framework: Towards Consumer Service Level Agreements, Working Paper #121, 2000

Lehr, William and James K. Glassman: Competition in Telecommunications and Economic Growth, Working Paper #127, 2001

Lehr, William and James K. Glassman: The Economics of the Tauzin-Dingell Bill: Theory and Evidence, Working Paper #128, 200

Lyneis, John and Stuart Madnick: “Preventing Accidents and Building a Culture of Safety: Insights from a Simulation Model”, " Working Paper #248, May, 2009

Madden, Gary, Russel Cooper, Robert Fildes: "Theoretically-Motivated Long-Term Forecasting with Limited Data", Woriking Paper #240, 2008

Madden, Gary, T.Randolph, Beard: "Competition between Blended Traditional Virtual Sellers", Working Paper #241, 2008

Madnick, Stuart, Richard Wang, Krishna Chettayar, Frank Dravis, James Funk, Raïssa Katz-Haas, Cindy Lee, Yang Lee, Xiang Xian, and Sumit Bhansali: Exemplifying Business Opportunities for Improving Data Quality through Corporate Household Research, Working Paper #198, 2004

Madnick, Stuart E., Xinping Chen, James Funk, and Richard Wang: Corporate Household Data:Research Directions, Working Paper #107, 2001

Madnick, Stuart E.: The Misguided Silver Bullet: What XML Will and Will NOT Do to Help Information Integration, Working Paper #111, 2001

Madnick, Stuart E., Nazli Choucri, Michael Siegel, Farnaz Haghseta, Allen Moulten, and Harry Zhu: Laboratory for Information Globalization and Harmonization Technologies: A New Research Initiative, Working Paper #142, 2001

Madnick, Stuart and Michael Siegel: Seizing the Opportunity: Exploiting Web Aggregation, Working Paper #144, 2001

Madnick, Stuart, Sajindra Jayasena, Stephane Bressan: Financial Information Mediation: A Case Study of Standards Integration for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) Using the COIN Mediation Technology, Working Paper #208, 2004

Madnick, Stuart, Philip Tan, Kian-Lee Tan: Context Mediation in the Semantic Web: Handling OWL Ontology and Data Disparity Through Context Interchange, Working Paper #209, 2004

Madnick, Stuart, Hongwei Zhu, Michael D. Siegel: Representation and Reasoning about Changing Semantics in Heterogeneous Data Sources, Working Paper #210, 2004

Madnick, Stuart, Hongwei Zhu, Michael D. Siegel: Reasoning About Temporal Context Using Ontology and Abductive Constraint Logic Programming, Working Paper #211, 2004

Madnick, Stuart, Nazli Choucri, Michael Siegel: Research Initiative to Understand & Model State Stability: Exploiting System Dynamics, Working Paper #218, 2005

Madnick, Stuart, Thomas Gannon, Allen Moulton, Michael Siegel, Marwan Sabbouh, Hongwei Zhu: Semantic Information Integration in the Large: Adaptability, Extensibility, and Scalability of the Context Mediation Approach, Working Paper # 219, 2005

Madnick, Stuart, Aykut Firat, Nor Adnan Yahaya, Choo Wai Kuan, Stéphane Bressan: Information Aggregation Using the Caméléon# Web, Working Paper #220, 2005

Madnick, Stuart: Latent Semantic Analysis Applied to Tech Mining, Working Paper #259, September 1, 2009

Madnick, Stuart, Michael Siegel, Benjamin Grosof, et al.: Reconciling Equational Heterogeneity within a Data Federation, Working Paper #260, September 23, 2009

Madnick, Stuart, Wei Lee Woon, Andreas Henschel: A Framework for Technology Forecasting and Visualization, Working Paper #261, September 24, 2009

Madnick, Stuart, Xitong Li, Nazli Choucri: Experiences and Challenges with using CERT Data to Analyze International Cyber Security, Working Paper #262, September 24, 2009

Madnick, Stuart: Comparison of Generality Based Algorithm Variants for Automatic Taxonomy Generationy, Working Paper #263, September 24, 2009

Madnick, Stuart:" Approach and Preliminary Results for Early Growth Technology Analysis", Working Paper #264, September 24, 2009

Madnick, Stuart, Hongwei Zhu, et al: Reconciling Semantic Heterogeneity in Web Services Compositions, Working Paper #265, September 24, 2009

Madnick, Stuart, Xitong li, Nazli Choucri: "Experiences and Challenges with using CERT Data to Analyze international Cymber Security", Working Paper #266, September 2009

Martinez-de-Albeniz, Victor and David Simchi-Levi: A Portfolio Approach to Procurement Contracts, Working Paper #188, 2003

Martinez-de-Albeniz, Victor and David Simchi-Levi: Competition in the Supply Option Market, Working Paper #189, 2003

McKnight, Lee W., Diana Anius and Ozlem Uzuner: Virtual Markets in Wireless Grids: Peering Policy Obstacles, Working Paper #161, 2002

Milgrom, Eva Meyersson M.: Complementarity, Influence Cost, and Equity, Working Paper #159, 2002

Moulton, Allen, Stuart E. Madnick, and Michael D. Siegel: Cross Organizational Data Quality and Semantic Integrity: Learning and Reasoning about Data Semantics with Context Interchange Mediation, Working Paper #108, 2001

Moulton, Allen, Stuart E. Madnick, and Michael D. Siegel:Knowledge Representation Architecture for Context Interchange Mediation: Fixed Income Securities Investment Examples, Working Paper #109, 2001

O'Donnell,Shawn: An Economic Map of the Internet, Working Paper #162, 2002

O'Leary, Michael B. and Jonathon N. Cummings: The Spatial, Temporal, and Configurational Characteristics of Geographic Dispersion in Work Teams, Working Paper #148, 2002

Parker, Geoffrey and Marshall Van Alstyne: Innovation, Openness & Platform Control, December, 2013

Parker, Geoffrey and Marshall Van Alstyne: A Digital Postal Platform: Definitions and a Roadmap, Working Paper #296, 2012

Shin, SeungJae and Martin B.H. Weiss: A Simulation Approach for Internet QoS Market Analysis, Working Paper #164, 2002

Siegel, Michael, Daniel Goldsmith: Managing and Valuing a Corporate IT Portfolio Using Dynamic Modeling of Software Development and Maintenance Processes, Working Paper #265, October 2009

Simester, Duncan, Peng Sun and John N. Tsitsiklis: Dynamic Catalog Mailing Policies, Working Paper #180, 2003

Simester, Duncan, Yu (Jeffrey) Hu, Erik Brynjolfsson, Eric T. Anderson: Does Current Advertising Cause Future Sales? Evidence from the Direct Mail Industry, Working Paper #222, 2006

Smith, Michael D. and Erik Brynjolfsson: Customer Decision-making at an Internet Shopbot, Working Paper #137, 2001

Smith, Michael, Joseph Bailey, and Erik Brynjolfsson: Understanding Digital Markets: Review and Assessment, Working Paper #140, 1999

Thuraisingham, Bhavani, Amar Gupta, Elisa Bertino, and Elena Ferrari: Collaborative Commerce and Knowledge Management, Working Paper #184, 2002

Toubia, Olivier, Duncan I. Semester, and John Hauser: Fast Polyhedral Adaptive Conjoint Estimation, Working Paper #105, 2001

Tu, Steven Y., and Stuart E. Madnick: Incorporating Generalized Quantifiers into Description Logic to Improve Source Selection, Working Paper #110, 2001

Urban, Glen L. and John R, Hauser: "Listening In" to Find Unmet Customer Needs and Solutions, Working Paper #156, 2003

Urban, Glen, John R. Hauser, Guilherme Liberali, Michael Braun and Fareena Sultan: Morph the Web to Build Empathy, Trust and Sales, Working Paper #257, Summer 2009

Urban, Glen L.: Customer Advocacy: Is It for You?, Working Paper #175, 2003

Urban, Glen, Fareena Sultan, and William Qualls: Design and Evaluation of a Trust Based Advisor on the Internet, Working Paper #123, 1999

Urban, Glen, Iakov Y. Bart, Venkatesh Shankar, Fareena Sultan, Are the Drivers and Role of Online Trust the Same for all Web Sites and Consumers?: A Large Scale Exploratory Empirical Study, Working Paper #217, (revised) April, 2005

Van Alstyne, Marshall, Thomas Eisenmann, Geoffrey Parker, "Platform Networks - Core Concepts ~ Executive Summary (May 6, 2007)", Working Paper #232, 2007

Van Alstyne, Marshall, Nathaniel Bulkley, "Email, Social Networks and Performance: An Econometric Case Study", Working Paper #233, 2007

VanAlstyne, Marshall, Mark Reynolds, Sinan Aral: "Functions that Preserve Privacy but Permit Analysis of Text", Working Paper #246, 2009

Van Der Puttan, Peter, Joost N. Kok, and Amar Gupta: Data Fusion Through Statistical Matching, Working Paper #185, 2002

von Hippel, Eric and Karim Lakhani: How Open Source software works: "Free" user-to-user assistance, Working Paper #132, 2000

von Hippel, Eric: Open Source Software:Innovation By and For Users - No Manufacturer Required!, Working Paper #133, 2001

von Hippel, Eric: User Toolkits for Innovation, Working Paper #134, 2001

Weil, Henry Birdseye and Elisabeth Endicott Weil, The Road from Dependency to Empowerment: The Destination is Worth the Journey, Working Paper #141, 1999

Weil Henry Birdseye, Brice Dattée: "Dynamics of Social Factors in Technological Substitutions", Working Paper #225, 2005

Westerman, George: "Designing Business Process Innovation Units that Deliver", Working Paper #300, 2012

Woon, Wei Lee and Stuart E. Madnick: “Semantic Distances for Technology Landscape Visualization”, Working Paper #249, May, 2009

Woon, Wei Lee and Stuart E. Madnick: “Asymmetric Information Distances for Automated Taxonomy Construction”, Working paper #250, May 2009

Yang, Shinkyu, and Erik Brynjolfsson: Intangible Assets and Growth Accounting: Evidence from Computer Investments, Working Paper #136, 2001

Yates, JoAnne: “The Role of an Online Community in Relation to Other Communication Channels in a Business Development Case”, Working Paper #247, May 2009

Yi-Cheng Tu, Steven, Stuart Madnick, and Luis Chin-Jung Wu: Improving UccNet-Compliant B2B Supply-Chain Applications Using a Context Interchange Framework, Working Paper #199, 2004

Zhu, Hongwei, Stuart E. Madnick, Michael D. Siegel: Effective Data Integration in the Presence of Temporal Semantic Conflicts, Working Paper #201, 2004

Zhu, Hongwei, Michael D. Siegel, and Stuart E. Madnick: Information Aggregation - A Value-added E-Service, Working Paper #106, 2001

Zhu, Hongwei, Stuart E. Madnick: Context Interchange as a Scalable Solution to Interoperating Amongst Heterogeneous Dynamic Services, Working Paper #213, 2004

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