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Soule, Deborah L. and Puram, Akshita and Westerman, George F. and Bonnet, Didier “Becoming a Digital Organization: The Journey to Digital Dexterity”, September
Ghasemkhani, Hossein, Deborah Soule, George Westerman "Competitive Advantage in a Digital World: Toward An Information-Based View of the Firm", May
Soule, Deborah L. and Carrier, Nicholas and Bonnet, Didier and Westerman, George F. "Organizing for a Digital Future: Opportunities and Challenges", October
Parker, Geoffrey, Marshall W. Van Alstyne "Innovation, Openness & Platform Control", December
Gimpel, Gregory "Five Pressing Issues Shaping the Future of TV Video", May
Cusumano, Michael, Greg Page, Esha Sahai, Alejandro Zarate "MOOCs: Contexts and Consequences", May
Bloom, Nicholas, Erik Brynjolfsson, Lucia Foster, Ron Jarmin, Itay Saporta-Eksten, John Van Reenen: "Management In America", January

Gimpel, Gregory, George Westerman: "Shaping the Future: Seven Enduring Principles for Fast-changing Industries", October
Hauser, John R., Guilherme Liberali, Glen L. Urban: "Competitive Information, Trust, Brand Consideration and Sales: Two Field Experiments", July
Anderson, Edward G, Geoffrey Parker: "Integration and Cospecialization of Emerging Complementary Technologies by Startups", May
Tannou, Mael, George Westerman: "Volvo Cars Corporation: Shifting From a B2B to a "B2B+B2C" Business Model", April
Wu, Lynn, Erik Brynjolfsson: "The Future of Prediction: How Google Searches Foreshadow Housing Prices and Sales", March
Tucker, Catherine, Juanjuan Zhang, Ting Zhu: "Days on Market and Home Sales", March
Tucker, Catherine : "Social Advertising", February
Tucker, Catherine : "Ad Virality and Ad Persuasiveness", February
Goldfarb, Avi, Catherine Tucker: "Shifts in Privacy Concerns", February
Di Maggio, Marco, Marshall Van Alstyne: "Information Sharing, Social Norms, and Performance", February
Parker, Geoffrey, Marshall Van Alstyne: "A Digital Postal Platform: Definitions and a Roadmap", January
Miller, Amalia, Catherine Tucker: "Active Social Media Management: The Case of Health Care", January


Tucker, Catherine: "Patent Trolls and Technology Diffusion", December
Simester, Duncan, JuanJuan Zhang: "Why Do Sales People spend So Much Time Lobbying for Low Prices?", December
Ryan, Stephen P., Catherine Tucker: "Heterogeneity and the Dynamics of Technology Adoption", December
Lambrecht, Anja, Catherine Tucker: "When Retargeting Doesn't Work", December
Goldfarb, Avi, Catherine Tucker: "Standardization, Standards, and Online Advertising", December
Chiou, Lesley, Catherine Tucker: "How Does Pharmaceutical Advertising Affect Consumer Search?", December
Chiou, Lesley, Catherine Tucker: "Copyright, Digitization, and Aggregation", December
Campbell, James, Avi Goldfarb, Catherine Tucker: "Privacy Regulation and Market Structure", December
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Lorin M. Hitt: "Strength in Numbers: How Does Data-Driven Decisionmaking Affect Firm Performance?", December
Miller, Amalia, Catherine Tucker: "Electronic Discovery and the Adoption of Information Technology", November
Miller, Amalia, Catherine Tucker: "Health Information Exchange, System Size, and Information Silos", October
Lambrecht, Anja, Katja Seim, Catherine Tucker: "Stuck in the Adoption Funnel: The Effect of Interruptions in the Adoption Process on Usage", October
Jung, Gwangjae, Byungtae Lee, Byungjoon Yoo, Erik Brynjolfsson: "Analysis of the Relationship between Virtual Goods Trading and Performance of Virtual Worlds", October
Aral, Sinan, Erik Brynjolfsson, Marshall Van Alstyne: "Information, Technology and Information Worker Productivity", September
Tucker, Catherine: "Social Networks, Personalized Advertising, and Privacy Controls", August
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang: "Innovation Incentives for Information Goods", August
Lambrecht, Anja, Catherine Tucker: "Paying with Money or with Effort: Pricing When Customers Anticipate Hassle", June
Prasanna, Tambe, Lorin M. Hitt, Erik Brynjolfsson: "The Extroverted Firm: How External Information Practices Affect Innovation and Productivity", January


Aral, Sinan, Erik Brynjolsffson, Marshall Van Alstyne: " Harnessing the Digital Lens to Measure and Manage Information Work", November
Aral, Sinan, Erik Brynjolsffson, Lynn Wu: " Assessing Three-Way Complementaries: Performance Pay, Monitoring and Information Technology", August
Aral, Sinan, Yannis Bakos, Erik Brynjolsffson: How Trust, Incentives and IT Shape Global Supplier Networks: Theory and Evidence from IT Services Procurement", July
Brynjolsffson, Erik, Yu (Jeffrey) Hu, Michael D. Smith: "The Longer Tail: The Changing Shape of Amazon's Sales Distribution Curve", September
Brynjolsffson, Erik, Jeffrey Yu Hu, Michael D. Smith: " Long Tails Versus Superstars: The Effect of IT on Product Variety and Sales Concentration Patterns", September
Brynjolsffson, Erik, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang: " Innovation Incentives for Informatin Goods", Sep. 13, 2010 [revised: Oct. 1, 2010]
Cusumano, Michael: "Cloud Computing and SaaS as New Computing Platforms", April
Cusumano, Michael: "Technology Strategy and Management—The Evolution of Platform Thinking", January
Ding, Min, John Hauser, Songting Dong, Daria Dzyabura, Zhilin Yang, Chenting Su, Steven Gaskin, "Unstructured Direct Elicitation of Decision Rules", April
Hauser, John, Songting Dong, Min Ding, "Learning to Construct Decision Rules", April
Hauser, John, Olivier Toubia, Theodoros Evgeniou, Rene Befurt, Daria Dzyabura, "Disjunctions of Conjunctions, Cognitive Simplicity and Consideration Sets", April
Liberali, Guilherme, Glen L. Urban, John Hauser, "Does Providing Competitive Information to Your Own Customers Increase Sales?", April
MacCormack, Alan, Carliss Baldwin, John Rusnak, "The Architecture of Complex Systems: Do core-periphery Structures Dominate?", April


Brynjolfsson, Erik, Adam Saunders: "What the GDP Gets Wrong (Why Managers Should Care)", October [ABSTRACT ONLY]
Brynjolsffson, Erik, Yu (Jeffrey) Hu, Mohammad S. Rahman: "Battle of the Retail Channels: How Product Selection and Geography Drive Cross-channel Competition," June
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Astrid A. Dickyand, Michael D. Smith: "A Nearly Perfect Market?," February
Lyneis, John and Stuart Madnick: “Preventing Accidents and Building a Culture of Safety: Insights from a Simulation Model,” May
Madnick, Stuart:" Comparison of Generality Based Algorithm Variants for Automatic Taxonomy Generationy", September
Madnick, Stuart:" Approach and Preliminary Results for Early Growth Technology Analysis," September
Madnick, Stuart, Michael Siegel, Benjamin Grosof, et al: "Reconciling Equational Heterogeneity within a Data Federation", September
Madnick, Stuart, Wei Lee Woon, Andreas Henschel: " A Framework for Technology Forecasting and Visualization," September
Madnick, Stuart, Xitong Li, Nazli Choucri:" Experiences and Challenges with using CERT Data to Analyze International Cyber Security," September:
Madnick, Stuart: “Latent Semantic Analysis Applied to Tech Mining,” May
Madnick, Stuart: “Comparison of Approaches for Gathering Data from the Web for Technology Trend Analysis,” May
Madnick, Stuart: “Reconciling Protocol Mismatches of Web Services by Using Mediators,” May
Madnick, Stuart: “Framework for the Analysis of the Adaptability, Extensibility, and Scalability of Semantic Information Integration and the Context Mediation Approach,” May
Madnick, Stuart: “Bibliometric Analysis of Distributed Generation,” May
Madnick, Stuart: “Measuring Innovation Using Bibliometric Techniques: The Case of Solar Photovoltaic Industry,” May
Tucker, Catherine and Juanjuan Zhang: “How Does Popularity Information Affect Choices?,” May
VanAlstyne, Marshall, Mark Reynolds, Sinan Aral: "Functions that Preserve Privacy but Permit Analysis of Text," May
Woon, Wei Lee and Stuart E. Madnick: “Semantic Distances for Technology Landscape Visualization,” May
Woon, Wei Lee and Stuart E. Madnick: “Asymmetric Information Distances for Automated Taxonomy Construction,” May
Yates, JoAnne: “The Role of an Online Community in Relation to Other Communication Channels in a Business Development Case,” May


Anderson, C. Phillip: "Jackpot or Fool's Gold: Services as a Dynamic Capabiity in Product Innovataion," October
Aral, Sinan, Erik Brynjolsffson, Marshall Van Alstyne: "Antecedents and Consequences of Mutual Knowledge in Teams," November
Bhansali, Sumit, Erik Brynjolfsson: "Digitizing Work: Measuring Changes in Information Worker Time Use and Performance With a Quazi-Experiment," January
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Andrew McAfee, Michael Sorell, Feng Zhu: "Scale without Mass: Business Process Replication and Industry Dynamics," September
Cusumano, Michael, Steve Kahl, Fernando Suarez: "Services and the Business Models of Product Firms: An Emperical Analysis of the Software Industry," November
Cusumano, Michael, Fernando Suarez: "The Role of Services in Platform Markets," November
Cusumano, Michael: "The Changing Software Business: From Products to Services and Other New Business Models," January
Cusumano, Michael, Steve Kahl, Fernando Suarez: "A Theory of Services in Project Industries," October
Klein, Mark, Luca Iandoli: "Supporting Collaborative Deliveration Using a Large Scale Argumentation System: The MIT Collaboratorium," May
Madden, Gary, Russel Cooper, Robert Fildes: "Theoretically-Motivated Long-Term Forecasting with Limited Data," July
Madden, Gary, T.Randolph, Beard: "Competition between Blended Traditional Virtual Sellers," July
Siegel, Michael, Masanori Akiyama, Daniel Goldsmith: "Improving Strategic Management of Hospitals: Addressing Function Interdependencies within Medical Care," May
Wu, Lynn, Benjamin N. aber, Sinan Aral, Erik Brynjolsffson, Alex Pentland: "Mining Face-to-Face Interaction Networks Using Sociometric Badges: Predicting Productivity in an IT Configuration Task," May


Akiyama, Dr. Masanori, Daniel Goldsmith, Dr. Michael Siegel: "Improving Hospital Operations Using Bar-Code Capture Data and System Dynamics Modeling Techniques," March
Aral, Sinan, Marshall Van Alstyne: "The Network Structure & Information Advantage," July
Aral, Sinan, Erik Brynjolfsson, Marshall Van Alstyne: "Information, Technology and Information Worker Productivity: task level evidence," June
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Yu Jeffrey Hu, Duncan Simester: "Goodbye Pareto Principle, Hello Long Tail:The Effect of Search Costs on the Concentration of Product Sales," November
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Sinan Aral, Marshall Van Alstyne: "Productivity Effects of Information Diffusion in Networks," July
Van Alstyne, Marshall, Nathaniel Bulkley: "Email, Social Networks and Performance: An Econometric Case Study," July
Van Alstyne, Marshall, Thomas Eisenmann, Geoffrey Parker: "Platform Networks - Core Concepts ~ Executive Summary (May 6, 2007)," June


Aral, Sinan, Erik Brynjolfsson, D. J. Wu: "Which Came First, IT or Productivity? Virtuous Cycle of Investment and Use in Enterprise Systems," November
Bakos, Yannis, Erik Brynjolfsson: "Bundling Information Goods: Pricing, Profits and Efficiency ", December 2006 [current draft: April 1998]
Bitran, Gabriel R., Suri Gurumurthi, Shiou Lin Sam: "Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Governance," June
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Yu Jeffrey Hu, Michael D. Smith: "From Riches to Niches: Anatomy of the Long Tail", [ABSTRACT ONLY] Summer 2006
Cusumano, Michael, Steve Kahl, Fernando F. Suarez: "Product, Process, and Service: A New Industry Lifecycle Model," June
Fine, Charlie, Natalie Klym, Milind Tavshikar, Dirk Trossen: "The Evolution of RFID Networks," May
Jenter, Dirk, Nittai K. Bergman: "Employee Sentiment and Stock Option Compensation," June
Klein, Mark, Takayuki Ito, Hiromitsu Hattori: "An Auction-Based Negotiation Protocol for Agents with Nonlinear Utility Fuctions," June
Klein, Mark, Claudio Petti: "A Handbook_Based Methodology for Redesigning Business Processes," January
Laubacher, Robert, S.P. Kothari, Thomas W. Malone, Brian Subirana: "What is RFID Worth to Your Company? Measuring Performance at an Activity Level," January
Simester, Duncan, Yu (Jeffrey) Hu, Erik Brynjolfsson, Eric T. Anderson: "Does Current Advertising Cause Future Sales? Evidence from the Direct Mail Industry," January
Weil, Henry Birdseye, Brice Dattée: "Dynamics of Social Factors in Technological Substitutions," June


Anderson, Eric, Erik Brynjolfsson, Yu "Jeffrey" Hu, Duncan Simester: "Understanding the Impact of Marketing Actions in Traditional Channels on the Internet: Evidence from a Large Scale Field Experiment," January. See also:"Dynamics of Retail Advertising: Evidence from a Field Experiment "
Choucri, Nazli, Stuart E. Madnick, Allen Moulton, Michael D. Siegel, Hongwei Zhu: "Linkage Between Pre- and Post- Conflict: Exploiting Information Integration & System Dynamics," January
Firat, Aykut, Stuart E. Madnick, Benjamin Grosof: "Contextual Alignment of Ontologgies for Semantic Interoperability," January
Madnick, Stuart, Nazli Choucri, Michael Siegel: "Research Initiative to Understand & Model State Stability: Exploiting System Dynamics," September
Madnick, Stuart, Thomas Gannon, Allen Moulton, Michael Siegel, Marwan Sabbouh, Hongwei Zhu: "Semantic Information Integration in the Large: Adaptability, Extensibility, and Scalability of the Context Mediation Approach," September
Madnick, Stuart, Aykut Firat, Nor Adnan Yahaya, Choo Wai Kuan, Stéphane Bressan: "Information Aggregation Using the Caméléon# Web," September
Urban, Glen, Iakov Y. Bart, Venkatesh Shankar, Fareena Sultan: "Are the Drivers and Role of Online Trust the Same for all Web Sites and Consumers?: A Large Scale Exploratory Empirical Study," April
Zhu, Hongwei, Stuart E. Madnick: "Context Interchange as a Scalable Solution to Interoperating Amongst Heterogeneous Dynamic Services," January


Bulkley, Nathaniel and Marshall Van Alstyne: Why Information Should Influence Productivity, March
Dellarocas, Chrysanthos: Strategic Manipulation of Internet Opinion Forums: Implications for Consumers and Firms, August
Dellarocas, Chrysanthos: Self-Interest, Reciprocity, and Participation in Online Reputation Systems, February
Gupta, Amar, Satwik Seshasai: Toward the 24-Hour Knowledge Factory, January
Gupta, Amar, Satwick Seshasai: Global Outsourcing of Professional Services, January
Hausman, Jeffrey, Yu Hu Jeffrey, Xinzhu Ahang: Economic Analysis of Wireless Point of Sale Payment in China, August
Madnick, Stuart, Sajindra Jayasena, Stephane Bressan: Financial Information Mediation: A Case Study of Standards Integration for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) Using the COIN Mediation Technology, August
Madnick, Stuart, Philip Tan, Kian-Lee Tan: Context Mediation in the Semantic Web: Handling OWL Ontology and Data Disparity Through Context Interchange, August
Madnick, Stuart, Hongwei Zhu, Michael D. Siegel: Representation and Reasoning about Changing Semantics in Heterogeneous Data Sources, August
Madnick, Stuart, Hongwei Zhu, Michael D. Siegel: Reasoning About Temporal Context Using Ontology and Abductive Constraint Logic Programming, August
Madnick, Stuart, Richard Wang, Krishna Chettayar, Frank Dravis, James Funk, Raïssa Katz-Haas, Cindy Lee, Yang Lee, Xiang Xian, and Sumit Bhansali: Exemplifying Business Opportunities for Improving Data Quality through Corporate Household Research, February
Van Alstyne, Marshall, Erik Brynjolsffson : "Global Village or CyberBalkans: Modeling and Measuring the Integration of Electronic Communities ", December
Yi-Cheng Tu, Steven, Stuart Madnick, and Luis Chin-Jung Wu: Improving UccNet-Compliant B2B Supply-Chain Applications Using a Context Interchange Framework, February
Zhu, Hongwei, Stuart E. Madnick, Michael D. Siegel: Effective Data Integration in the Presence of Temporal Semantic Conflicts, February


Bakos, Yanni and Chris Dellarocas: "Cooperation Without Enforcement? A Comparative Analysis of Litigation and Online Reputation As Quality Assurance Mechanisms," March
Bernstein, Abraham and Benjamin N. Grosof: "Beyond Monotonic Inheritance:Towards Semantic Web Process Ontologies," August
Bertsimas, Dimitris, Adam Mersereau and Geetanjali Mittal: "Unilever Data Analysis Project," June
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Astrid Andrea Dick and Michael D. Smith: "Search and Product Differentiation at an Internet Shopbot," October
Brynjolfsson, Erik, and Lorin M. Hitt: "Computing Productivity: Firm-Level Evidence," June
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Michael D. Smith and Yu Hu: "Consumer Surplus in the Digital Economy: Estimating the Value of Increased Product Variety at Online Booksellers," June
Cusumano, Michael: "Business Models That Last: Balancing Products and Services in Software and Other Industries," December
Cusumano, Michael, Alan MacCormack, Chris F. Kemerer, and William Crandall: "Software Development Worldwide: The State of the Practice," June
Choucri, Nazli, Stuart E. Madnick, Allen Moulton, Michael D. Siegel, and Hongwei Zhu: "Information Integration for Counter Terrorism Activities: The Requirement for Context Mediation," November
Choucri, Nazli, Vincent Maugis, Stuart Madnick and Michael Siegel: "GLOBAL e-READINESS - for WHAT?," May
Dellarocas, Chris: "The Digitization of Word-of-Mouth: Promise and Challenges of Online Feedback Mechanisms," October
Dellarocas, Chrysanthos: "Sanctioning Reputation Mechanisms in Online Trading Environments with Moral Hazard," January
Dellarocas, Chris: "Efficiency and Robustness of eBay-like Online Feedback Mechanisms in Environments with Moral Hazard," January

Franke, Nikolaus and Eric von Hippel: "Finding Commercially Attractive User Innovations: An Exploration and Test of "Lead User" Theory," July
Grosof, Benjamin N. and Terrence C. Poon: "SweetDeal: Representing Agent Contracts with Exceptions using XML Rules, Ontologies, and Process Descriptions," July
Grosof, Benjamin N., Ian Horrocks, Raphael Volz and Stefan Decker: "Description Logic Programs: Combining Logic Programs with Description Logic," May
Grosof, Benjamin N.: "Delegation Logic: A Logic-based Approach to Distributed Authorization," February
Hunter, Starling: "Have Business Method Patents Gotten a Bum Rap?Some Empirical Evidence," July
Klein, Mark and Yaneer Bar-Yam: "Handling Resource Use Oscillation in Multi-Agent Markets," August
Kothari, SP and Jim Short: "The Effect of Disclosures by Management, Analysts, and Financial Press On the Equity Cost of Capital," October
Martinez-de-Albeniz, Victor and David Simchi-Levi: "A Portfolio Approach to Procurement Contracts," June
Martinez-de-Albeniz, Victor and David Simchi-Levi: "Competition in the Supply Option Market," April
Simester, Duncan, Peng Sun and John N. Tsitsiklis: "Dynamic Catalog Mailing Policies," March
Urban, Glen L.: "Customer Advocacy: Is It for You?," October
Urban, Glen L., and John R, Hauser: "Listening In" to Find Unmet Customer Needs and Solutions," August

Ariely, Dan and Jose Silva: Payment Method Design: Psychological and Economic Aspects of Payments April
Bernstein, Abraham, Foster Provost and Shawndra Hill: Intelligent Assistance for the Data Mining Process: An Ontology-based Approach April
Bertino, E., B. Carminati, E. Ferrari, B. Thuraisingham and A. Gupta: Selective and Authentic Third-Party DistributionOf XML Documents February
Bertsimas, Dimitris and Adam J. Mersereau: Dynamic Prediction of Online Purchases July
Brynjolfsson, Erik, Lorin M. Hitt, and Shinkyu Yang: Intangible Assets: Computers and Organizational Capital October
Chan, Lap Mui Ann, David Simchi-Levi and Julie Swann: Effective Dynamic Pricing Strategies with Stochastic Demand August
Chan, Nicholas, Ely Dahan, Adlar Kim, Andrew Lo and Tomaso Poggio: "Securities Trading of Concepts (STOC)," December
Chen, Xin and David Simchi-Levi: Coordinating Inventory Control and Pricing Strategies with Random Demand and Fixed Ordering Cost:The Finite Horizon Case April
Dahan, Ely, John R. Hauser, Duncan Simester and Oliver Toubia: Application and Test of Web-based Adaptive Polyhedral Conjoint Analysis January
D'Urso, Victoria T.: "Home Buyer Search Duration and the Internet," December
de Figueiredo, John M.: Committee Jurisdiction and Internet Intellectual Property Protection May
Faratin, P., J. Wroclawski, G. Lee, and S. Parsons: The Personal Router: An Agent for Wireless Access September
Firat, Aykut, Stuart Madnick and Benjamin N. Grosof: "Knowledge Integration to Overcome Ontological Heterogeneity: Challenges from Financial Information Systems," December
Firat, Aykut, Stuart Madnick and Benjamin Grosof: "Financial Information Integration In the Presence of Equational Ontological Conflicts," December
Gallien, Jérémie: "Dynamic Mechanism Design for Online Commerce," November
Gabel, David: "Why is There So Little Competition in the Provision of Local Telecommunications Services? October
Grosof, Benjamin N., Mahesh D. Gandhe and Timothy W. Finin: SweetJess: Translating DamlRuleMLTo Jess June
Grosof, Benjamin N, Daniel M. Reeves, Michael P. Wellman: Automated Negotiation from Declarative Contract Descriptions April
Klein, Mark and Abraham Bernstein: Improved Process Retrieval Using Process Ontologies January
Kumar, Mahesh, Nitin R. Patel and Jonathan Woo: Clustering Seasonality Patterns in the Presence of Errors May
Lehr, William and Lee W. McKnight: Wireless Internet Access: 3Gvs. WiFi? August
Lehr, William, Fuencisla Merino and Sharon Eisner Gillett: Software Radio: Implications for Wireless Services, Industry Structure, and Public Policy August
McKnight, Lee W., Diana Anius and Ozlem Uzuner: Virtual Markets in Wireless Grids: Peering Policy Obstacles August
Milgrom, Eva Meyersson M.: Complementarity, Influence Cost, and Equity September
O'Donnell,Shawn: An Economic Map of the Internet September
O'Leary, Michael B. and Jonathon N. Cummings: "The Spatial, Temporal, and Configurational Characteristics of Geographic Dispersion in Work Teams," December
Shin, SeungJae and Martin B.H. Weiss: A Simulation Approach for Internet QoS Market Analysis September
Thuraisingham, Bhavani, Amar Gupta, Elisa Bertino, and ElenaFerrari: Collaborative Commerce and Knowledge Management March
Van Der Puttan, Peter,Joost N. Kok, and Amar Gupta: Data Fusion Through Statistical Matching January


December: Biel, Damian R., and Lawrence Wein: An Inverse-Optimization-Based Auction Mechanism To Support a Multi-Attribute RFQ Process
December: Madnick, Stuart and Michael Siegel: Seizing the Opportunity: Exploiting Web Aggregation
December: Dussart, Christian: Transformative Power of e-Business Over Consumer Brands(5.30 MB)
December: Bertsimas, Dimitris, Georgia Perakis and Jeffrey Hawkins: Optimal Bidding in Online Auctions
October: Cusumano, Michael and Annabelle Gawer: Driving High-Tech Innovation: The Four Levers of Platform Leadership
October: Madnick, Stuart E., Nazli Choucri, Michael Siegel, Farnaz Haghseta, Allen Moulten, and Harry Zhu: Laboratory for Information Globalization and Harmonization Technologies: A New Research Initiative
September: Dahan, Ely and John R.Hauser: The Virtual Customer: Communication,Conceptualization, and Computation
August: Moulton, Allen, Stuart E. Madnick, and Michael D. Siegel: Cross Organizational Data Quality and Semantic Integrity: Learning and Reasoning about Data Semantics with Context Interchange Mediation
August: Moulton, Allen, Stuart E. Madnick, and Michael D. Siegel: Knowledge Representation Architecture for Context Interchange Mediation: Fixed Income Securities Investment Examples
August: Madnick, Stuart E.: The Misguided Silver Bullet: What XML Will and Will NOT Do to Help Information Integration
August: Cukor, Petre and Lee McKnight: Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained: Venture Capital, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets
August: Cukor, Petre and Lee McKnight: Knowledge Networks, the Internet,and Development
August: Klein, Mark, Peyman Faratin, Hiroki Sayama, and Yaneer Bar-Yam: Negotiating Complex Contracts
August: Klein, Mark, Chrysanthos Dellarocas and Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar: A Knowledge-Based Methodology for Designing Robust Electronic Markets
August: von Hippel, Eric: User Toolkits for Innovation
July: Smith, Michael D. and Erik Brynjolfsson: Consumer Decision-making at an Internet Shopbot. See also: "The Great Equalizer? Consumer Choice Behavior at Internet Shopbots"
July: Chan, Nicholas T., Ely Dahan, Andrew W. Lo, and Tomaso Poggio: Experimental Markets for Product Concepts
July: Dellarocas,Chrysanthos: Building Trust On-Line: The Design of Reliable Reputation Reporting Mechanisms for Online Trading Communities
July: Dellarocas, Chrysanthos: Analyzing the Economic Efficiency of eBay-like Online Reputation Reporting Mechanisms
July: Lehr, William and James K. Glassman: Competition in Telecommunications and Economic Growth
July: Compaine, Ben: Re-Examining the Digital Divide
June: Zhu, Hongwei, Michael D. Siegel, and Stuart E. Madnick: Information Aggregation - A Value-added E-Service
June: Tu, Steven Y., and Stuart E. Madnick: Incorporating Generalized Quantifiers into Description Logic toImprove Source Selection
June: Lehr, William and James K. Glassman: The Economics of the Tauzin-Dingell Bill: Theory and Evidence
May: Toubia, Olivier, Duncan I. Semester, and John Hauser: Fast Polyhedral Adaptive Conjoint Estimation
May: Madnick, Stuart E., Xinping Chen, James Funk, and Richard Wang: Corporate Household Data: Research Directions
May: Compaine, Ben: Internet Radio: A New Engine for Content Diversity?
May: Yang, Shinkyu, and Erik Brynjolfsson: Intangible Assets and Growth Accounting: Evidence from Computer Investments
March: von Hippel, Eric: Open Source Software: Innovation By and For Users - No Manufacturer Required!


2000: Ariely, Dan: Wine Online: Search Costs and Competition on Price, Quality, and Distribution, 2000
November: Bresnahan, Timothy F., Erik Brynjolfsson and Lorin Hitt: Information Technology, Workplace Organization, and the Demand for Skilled Labor: Firm-level Evidence
October: Dahan, Ely and John R. Hauser: Managing a Dispersed Product Development Process
October: Grosof, Benjamin N., Isabelle Rouvellou, Lou Degenaro, Hoi Chan, Kevin Rasmus, Dave Ehnebuske, and Barbara McKee: Combining Different Business Rules Technologies: A Rationalization
October: Gallien, Jeremie and L.M. Wein: Design and Analysis of a Smart Market for Industrial Procurement
September: Gillett, Sharon Eisner, William Lehr, John Wroclawski, and David Clark: A Taxonomyof Internet Appliances
September: Lehr, William and Lee McKnight: A Broadband Access Market Framework: Towards Consumer Service Level Agreements
May: von Hippel, Eric and Karim Lakhani: How Open Source Software Works: "Free" user-to-userassistance
April: de Figueiredo, John M.: Finding Sustainable Profitability in the E-commerce Continuum
March: Dahan, Ely and V. Srinivasan: The Predictive Power of Internet-Based Product Concept Testing Using Visual Depiction and Animation


November: Grosof, Benjamin N.: A Declarative Approach to Business Rules in Contracts: Courteous Logic Programs in XML
September: Chan, Thomas, Blake LeBaron, Andrew Lo,Tomaso Poggio: Agent-Based Models of Financial Markets: A Comparison with Experimental Markets
August: Weil, Henry Birdseye and Elisabeth Endicott Weil: The Road from Dependency to Empowerment: The Destination is Worth the Journey
July: Urban, Glen, Fareena Sultan,and William Qualls: Design and Evaluation of a Trust Based Advisor on the Internet
July: Smith, Michael, Joseph Bailey, and Erik Brynjolfsson: Understanding Digital Markets: Review and Assessment


August: Bakos, Yannis, Erik Brynjolsffson, Douglas Lichtman: "Shared Information Goods"
April: Bakos, Yannis, Erik Brynjolfsson: "Bundling and Competition on the Internet"

*Please note, that not all Working Papers listed here are Center for Digital Business Working Papers. Many are written for different sources and have been assigned their own respective Working Paper number.




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